What's the quickest a house purchase can go through?

How long does it take to buy a home? A lot depends on how much time you spend buying one. But once you have a contract, it takes an average of 50 days to close a home. The definitive timeline ensures the smoothest transitions. Check to see if your state's insurance department publishes a comparison of homeowners insurance premiums.

They may have done the shopping for you. Homebuyers who buy home loans can avoid leaving money on the table. Virtual steps in buying a home can save time, but learn how to get the full picture. Pre-approval of the loan is required and will let you know if you qualify for a mortgage.

You'll need documents that include tax returns, paystubs, debts, and credit information, and if you're shopping with your spouse or partner, both of you will need these things. You can also ask several lenders to check the best rates. During the pre-approval process, there is a 14-day period in which credit bureaus count credit inquiries as one, since you buy a home. Right now, many homebuyers are feeling some pressure to buy a home quickly, fearing that mortgage rates (which have doubled from 3% to 6% in the past year alone) may increase even further, increasing the cost of financing a home.

The house is actually too expensive for the area (it's for £360k, identical house on the street sold for £300k 14 months ago) but the sister really wants to be on the street to be close to us and another family and she's lucky enough to be able to offer on the cash odds, so I doubt there will be more offers. There are two cheaper houses advertised in the wider general area, one in particular is on a more “desirable” street and is attached instead of a terrace, which is the one my sister chose.